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Pizzeria with wood oven

Welcome to Pizzeria La Lucciola, passionately run by the Carella family since 1999. Our secret for a quality pizza lies in the selection of excellent raw materials, strictly of Italian origin, chosen with the utmost care. It’s a passion we’ve inherited from our Brescian roots. The healthy and genuine taste comes from entirely artisanal processing.

A real passion for doughs

Our doughs are made by organic flours, 100% Italian, carefully chosen and stone-ground for a rustic and authentic taste. Each dough undergoes a long 48-hour leavening process to ensure a fragrant and highly digestible pizza.

Whole wheat flour

A perfect blend of flavour and health. We use stone-ground wholemeal flour with slow milling and low temperatures so as not to alter its properties. A dough rich in fiber and protein, which promotes digestion and good metabolism.

Vegetable charcoal flour

Vegetable charcoal flour is a natural black powder with beneficial and purifying effects on our body. It is the best choice if you want to enjoy a light and highly digestible pizza. It contains low cholesterol and a high fiber content. Ordering a charcoal black pizza means indulging in a unique dish, rich in charm and intense color.

Gluten-Free dough

For those intolerant to gluten, we offer a tasty and exquisite pizza just like the traditional one, rich in nutritional properties.